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Top-Notch Gold Coast Switchboard Services - Upgrades Installation & Repairs

Welcome to iPOWER GC, your trusted source for exceptional electrical services throughout the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.


We're not your ordinary electricians; we're also specialists in air conditioning. Today, we're here to address a critical topic – Switchboard Upgrades, Installations, and Repairs.

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Why Switchboard Installation and Upgrades are a Big Deal

The residential electrical switchboard is often overlooked, but is a vital component that is of significant importance to the safety of your home. Ensuring the maintenance and high-performance of a switchboard cannot be overstated. Such an upgrade not only optimises your electrical system's functionality but also enhances safety measures substantially.

Electrical Circuit

Our Premium Switchboard Services in Gold Coast, Queensland

If you find that your switchboard is showing signs of age and wear, rest assured. Our dedicated team of electricians is readily available to assess your switchboard's condition and perform a comprehensive upgrade. The result will not only enhance safety but also provide seamless performance for your electrical devices.

Why iPOWER GC Is the Way to Go

Highly Proficient

Our electricians possess an exceptional level of expertise and experience in the field of electrical systems. They have acquired extensive knowledge and skills over the years to ensure the optimal performance of your switchboard.

Just For You

We understand that each location is unique. That's why our switchboard services are tailored to your specific requirements and the optimal solutions for your property.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. Your new or upgraded switchboard will not only comply with all regulations but also exemplify the utmost in safety standards.

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Quick and Reliable Switchboard Repairs

Electrical problems, including those related to switchboards, can arise without warning. At iPOWER GC, we provide prompt and reliable repair services. Our seasoned electricians are merely a phone call away, prepared to swiftly diagnose and rectify any issue with precision. We are committed to swiftly restoring your electrical service, enabling you to resume your uninterrupted, powered-up lifestyle. Your contentment and safety remain our paramount priorities.

Contact Us Today for Switchboard Upgrades, Installation and Repair Services on the Gold Coast

Refuse to accept a substandard switchboard any longer. Reach out to us at iPOWER GC today! We'll offer you a free consultation to assess your needs and provide you with a quote.

Call us now at 0426 654 489 or enquire online

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